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Our Programs

In a cordial collaboration with our partner schools, local communities and other institutions stakeholders, we run several ROTO outreach programs in schools and local communities. These programs include:-


The ROTO EMPOWER program is our main program run.

The ROTO EMPOWER program aims at “equipping more young people with sufficient knowledge, skills and tools to participate in democracy, leadership and economic growth at all levels”.

The ROTO EMPOWER program is made up of three (03) main projects; the Elections 4 All project, the Tomorrow Leaders project and the Sustainable Livelihood project.

The Elections 4 All project aims at “increasing the number of youths actively involved in exercising their civil rights in selecting competent leaders into public offices and advocating for transparency and accountability at all levels”.

It is made up of Elections 4 All in Schools, Elections 4 All in Local Communities and Elections 4 All in Institutions.

This is to ensure that the elected leaders are legitimate and true representatives of that community. By doing so, all the stakeholders concerned feel involved and selflessly work together as a team for the wellbeing of the community.

This is realized by training and engaging the various stakeholders to actively participate in their local, national and socio-cultural groups elections as either voters, candidates, electoral committee members or whistleblowers.

In schools, the student government leadership has a mandate of 09 months and the outgoing student leaders automatically become REACH BACK ambassadors. These student leaders are made up of; class prefects (class delegates), school prefects (school delegates) and school club leaders.

The Tomorrow Leaders project aims at “providing extensive leadership training programs and empowerment to student government and community youth leaders to confidently influence and champion change in their respective communities”.

This is to ensure that the elected youth leaders address their lack of confidence in assessing their leadership qualities and to enhance their leadership abilities and problem-solving skills so as to make more informed decisions for the wellbeing of their community.

This is realized by training and mentoring the elected youth leaders in servant leadership, good governance and participatory decision-making.

And the Sustainable Livelihood project aims at “reducing the high rate of unemployment, poverty and school dropouts in our communities by providing follow-up-scholarships and mentorship to students and school dropouts to complement their formal studies with some vocational skills acquisition and vice versa”.

This is to ensure that the empowered youth are not just prepared for employment but are fully equipped to start a business of their own or add extra value to an already existing business so as to continuously self-sustain themselves and their studies or expertise.  

This is realized by enrolling them into schools and vocational training centers or workshops where they can be carefully supervised as they juggle with balancing formal studies and vocational skills acquisition and vice versa.

They acquire skills in tailoring, barbering, hairdressing, manicure and pedicure, shoemaking, technology and more.

Primarily, REACH BACK in partnership with ROTO ENTERPRISE ensures that more youths are properly mentored to purposefully complement their formal studies with some vocational training, massively exercise their civic responsibilities and confidently gain adequate digital skills.


The ROTO RELIEF program aims at providing psychosocial (PSS) to distressed individuals, families and communities caused by crises.

ROTO GREEN program

The ROTO GREEN program and ROTO Environmental Club HUB aim at promoting the adoption and implementation of sustainable environmental practices in communities and the preservation and protection of our environment.

ROTOpreneur program

The ROTOpreneur program aims at providing full and partial scholarships to students interested in complementing their formal studies with some vocational training skills acquisition in any preferred handwork so as to increase the number of financially independent students in our communities. Also, this program aims at reducing the number of school dropouts and poverty rate in our communities.

ROTO FARMS program

The ROTO FARMS program aims at permitting school administrators and community heads to provide farmlands for students interested in agriculture to cultivate under the strict supervision of the REACH BACK team to ensure that a portion of the produce is handed to that school or community head as royalties while the rest is used to take care of these students and to sustain the continuity of the program.


The ROTO CULTURE program aims at promoting extracurricular activities, peace, social cohesion and talents.

ROTO TECH program

The ROTO TECH HUB program aims at promoting more young people in schools and other communities to be trained in fundamental digital skills and advanced computer courses.

ROTO Youthconnekt Summit program

The ROTO Youthconnekt Summit program aims at bringing together outstanding REACH BACK ambassadors, young community leaders between the ages of 15 – 35 years, the REACH BACK team and partners for a one-week training program in business, entrepreneurship, leadership, good governance, policymaking and technology every year.

ROTO Youthconnekt platform

The ROTO Youthconnekt platfrom aims at connecting ROTO ambassadors and other young community leaders all over the world together and to other local, national and international opportunities. This better appreciates, exposes, and catapults their initiatives to a broader audience and possible opportunities.


The ROTO TRAVEL program aims at assisting students interested in studying abroad to compile the required documentation, apply, travel, stay and study abroad. This is to mitigate the devastating illegal immigration of young people to Europe, America or abroad; and also, to protect these students even after they have travelled abroad to further their studies.

ROTO FUNDS program

The ROTO FUNDS program aims at providing full or partial scholarships to underprivileged but enthusiastic students and school dropouts to further their studies. Also, the ROTO Funds program provides scholarships to outstanding students in Agriculture, Medicine, Diplomacy, Engineering, Law School, Journalism, Cultural History, Technology and Artificial Intelligence so as to harness better professionals in these areas of specialization in our communities.


The ROTO SPORTS program aims at promoting sports by organizing sporting competitions in communities such as campus games, community championships, volleyball, basketball, handball, football and athletics etc.

ROTO RELAX program

The ROTO RELAX program aims at providing recreation and leisure spots for children, teenagers and adults in communities so as to enable them comfortably relax, have fun, tell stories, enjoy nature and each other’s company. It actually aims at promoting living together and community lifestyle.

 ROTO FAMILY program

The ROTO FAMILY program aims at equipping and reinforcing the values and importance to build, strengthen and sustain our families and communities. This program aims at building strong communities from strong families by raising the awareness, understanding and importance of the irrefutable roles of parents in building a strong family from a strong home.


The ROTO ACADEMY program aims at opening several sports, music, dance and vocational training academies in our communities that shall serve as enabling environments to nurture, harness and promote identified talents in our communities.


The ROTO SCHOOL program aims at opening ROTO Primary Schools, ROTO Secondary Schools and ROTO Higher Institutes in our communities so as to reduce the number of uneducated people in our communities; and also, to promote quality education in our communities.


The ROTO HEALTHCARE program aims at opening ROTO hospitals, ROTO Health Centers and ROTO Reference Hospitals in our communities so as to reduce the increasing high death rate in our communities; and also, to promote quality healthcare services in our communities.


The ROTO REAL ESTATE program aims at providing quality lodging, housing, building and construction to people at very affordable rates so as to reduce the accommodation problems faced in our communities.


The ROTO LAW FIRM program aims at providing quality legal services and justice for people in our communities.


The ROTO SECURITY program aims at providing quality personal and corporate security in our communities such as professional drivers, professional bodyguards and network security experts.


ROTO RECORDS program aims at establishing a powerful music record label in Africa that produces and promotes music and talents.


ROTO ENTERTAINMENT program which aims at establishing a powerful theatre and film production house in Africa that produces and promotes theatre and cinematography.

ROTO MEDIA program

The ROTO MEDIA program aims at opening TV stations, radio stations, newspaper and publishing houses in Africa that pridefully promotes, showcases and exposes our rich indigenous culture, its people and its potentials to its people and the rest whole world.

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