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Impacts We've Made

Through our Sustainable Livelihood Project, Election 4 All Project and Tomorrow Leaders Project, we have been able to make the following social impacts.

REACH BACK impact one
Collaborating and supervising the smooth and transparent running of the GHS Buea student government elections since 2019.

Since 2019, through the Elections 4 All project and the Tomorrow Leaders project, we have organized 04 self-funded student government elections, engaged and equipped over 4000+ students, 100 teachers, 16 parents and 20 school administrative staff that have participated in their student government elections as either voters, candidates, whistleblowers, or electoral committee members as trained.

Also, we have trained over 160 student government leaders, registered 70 of them and 20 teachers of ages 20 and above for the February 09, 2022 municipal and legislative elections in Cameroon. 65 of them actively participated in the elections at their discretion despite the deterring death threats to anyone in the North West and South West regions who would participate in that election due to the ongoing anglophone crisis in these regions.

Partnership between REACH BACK, the Nsongwa Students Union and Nsongwa village elites since 2018.

Through the partnership between REACH BACK, the Nsongwa Students Union and Nsongwa village elites, we have been successfully sponsoring and collaborating in organizing their 10-days annual student cultural week since 2018.

This fellowship brings together Nsongwa students all over Cameroon and the diaspora so that they can share their various experiences, learn about the customs and traditions of Nsongwa, benefit from personal and professional workshops, go for excursion and receive excellence scholarship awards for GCE ordinary Level, Advanced Level and University Level.

About 60 Nsongwa students attend this fellowship every summer holiday and more than 8 receive excellence scholarships every year.

REACH BACK impact with the Nsongwa Students Union and Nsongwa village elites
REACH BACK impact - ROTO Interclass sporting competition in football and athletics
Since 2021, in collaboration with the school administration of GHS Buea, we organize the ROTO Interclass sporting competition in football and athletics.

This permits us identify and promote talents within our schools.

We intend spreading to other schools so as to organize the ROTO Interschool tournament for a much broader scouting of talents in these schools.

ROTO Sustainable Livelihood Project

Since 2020, Glory, Immaculate and Pascal have benefitted from this project.

Glory now owns a tailoring workshop in Buea; has trained over 5 apprentices and enrolled in an evening school to sit in for the 2023 Cameroon GCE Ordinary level.

Immaculate owns a manicure and pedicure beauty shop in Buea as well; has trained over 10 apprentices and is properly taking good care of her 4 kids from the proceeds she makes from her beauty shop.

Finally, Pascal an unemployed university graduate but equipped with barbering skills was placed by REACH BACK to operate a barbershop for over 2 years; he now owns his own barbershop, has trained over 7 apprentices, currently providing employment for more than 2 workers and properly taking care of his mother and singlehandedly supporting his siblings.

REACH BACK impact - ROTO beauty Shop