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"By Inspiring, Empowering and actively Engaging more youths to effectively champion change in their communities at all levels.

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In order to mitigate the increasing absence of young people in decision-making, development and their nonchalant participation in democratic processes at all levels, REACH BACK was founded in 2017 in Cameroon.

REACH BACK is a nonprofit organization championing sustainable development in communities from grassroots by promoting more youths to be actively involved in leadership development, participatory democracy, economic empowerment, climate action and technology at all levels.

This is done by inspiring, empowering and actively engaging more youths in schools, local communities and other institutions to be actively involved in community engagement and democratic processes at all levels through capacity building, mentorship and technology.

Our mission to raise the next generation of leaders and provide an enabling environment to them to effectively REACH BACK and champion change in their own communities.

Our five (05) main thematic areas are:

  1. Leadership Development: Through our Tomorrow Leaders project, we train more youth leaders in servant leadership, good governance and policymaking.

  2. Participatory Democracy: Through our Election 4 All project, we train more youths on how to exercise their civil rights in selecting competent leaders into public offices and advocating for transparency and accountability at all levels.

  3. It is made up of Elections 4 All in Schools, Elections 4 All in Local Communities and Elections 4 All in Institutions.

  4. Economic Empowerment: Through our Sustainable Livelihood project and partnership with ROTO ENTERPRISE, we ensure that more youths complement their formal studies with some vocational training and vice versa.

  5. Climate Action: Through our ROTO GREEN program, we train more youths on how to limit our exposure to harmful substances, preserve and make informed decisions to protect our environment.

  6. Technology: Through our ROTO TECH program and partnership with ROTO ENTERPRISE, we train more youths in fundamental digital skills and advanced computer courses.

In conclusion, through our various Reach One Teach One or ROTO outreach programs, we aim at training, equipping and involving more young people in community engagement such as leadership, governance, policymaking, technology, education, vocational training, extracurricular activities, agriculture, climate action, healthcare, business and entrepreneurship.

Our Programs

Our various Reach One Teach One or ROTO outreach programs include :-


ROTO Sports program

ROTOpreneur program

ROTO Farms program

ROTO Culture program

ROTO TECH program

Impacts We've Made

Through our Sustainable Livelihood Project, Election 4 All Project and Tomorrow Leaders Project, we have been able to make the following social impacts.

Some of Our Partners