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Our Partners

Why Partner ​with Us?

Partner with REACH BACK today and join in Empowering Communities, One Step At A Time.

REACH BACK is dedicated to uplifting communities by promoting education, skill development, civic engagement, and more. Here’s why organizations and governments should partner with us: To promote

  1. Education and Wellbeing:
    We ensure access to quality education and support learners' wellbeing, both in normal conditions and emergencies.
  2. Vocational Training and Computer Literacy:
    Our programs equip individuals with vocational skills and computer literacy, preparing them for the modern workforce.
  3. Civic Engagement and Leadership Development:
    We foster active civic engagement, leadership development, and volunteerism, essential for nation-building.
  4. Sports, Talent, Arts, and Culture:
    Our extracurricular activities nurture sports, talent, arts, and culture, enriching the lives of young people.
  5. Eco-friendly Environmental Practices:
    We advocate for eco-friendly practices, emphasizing the importance of protecting our planet.
  6. Humanitarian Response in Crises:
    We provide crucial humanitarian aid during crises, ensuring communities receive the support they need.

Partnering with REACH BACK means joining a dedicated effort to create sustainable, positive change in schools and local communities. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

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